Congresses and exhibitions

Congresses and exhibitions

Having an extensive experience in reception of guests to congresses in Italy, we take care of every aspect from getting a correct invitation according to the requirements of an Embassy to finding the perfect venue and other important nuances. Our reliable international partners will provide a high quality service to you.

In order to visit the congress, your participation in the exhibition requires a thorough and professional approach.
We know how to plan an optimal budget of your business trip and at the same time efficiently organize a trip to a congress or an exhibition, leaving an unforgettable impression.

What we do:

  • plan an optimum travel budget;
  • negotiate with the organizers of a congress and exhibition regarding all issues;
  • select and book the most appropriate hotel;
  • organize comfortable transfer for the congress participants;
  • design an entertainment program;
  • advice on a documents for your trip.

Why you should choose us:

  • personal manager, 24/7 traveler assistance service;
  • we work directly with best partners of Italy;
  • we customize program to your budget and other requirements;
  • the convenient payment method.

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