How to stop procrastinating

“Do not postpone for tomorrow what can be postponed for the day after tomorrow” — how often did you follow this phrase? Often? Very often? Maybe it’s time to stop procrastinating?

First, let’s look at the term. “Procrastination” is a situation when we postpone important business and switch to more pleasant things.

We have collected some effective tips that can help you.




Form a habit. Approximately 40% of everything that we do in our life, we do out of habit. Experts on time management advise to start your working day with the most difficult tasks, and at the end of the day to proceed to easier ones.

Divide big tasks into small ones. It is much easier to perform a large task, which consists of several small ones.

Plan your work. Describe in detail your tasks on the medium. It can be pages in your diary, a Google calendar, any task manager or a pair of stickers. Thus, all tasks will be in sight and a chance to miss something important will decrease greatly.

Set yourself deadlines. After all, while your calendar does not have a day and time allocated for the task, the list of your tasks will be more like a wishlist.

Procrastinate correctly. Since you still procrastinate, and then do it with profit! Do sports, swim in the pool; do not waste your time watching just another series. And a long time ago it has been proved that active sports reduce the level of stress and help to concentrate better.

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