Venice Carnival 2018

Italian “city of water” hosts the legendary Carnival of Venice on January 27.

Everyone knows that winter in Italy is a unique blend of fun, dance, and entertainment given by one of the most legendary events of January-February – the carnival.


It is one of the most expected festivities of the year, and the number of tourists, wishing to plunge into the atmosphere of holiday and fairy-tale, rises rapidly.

There is no exact date for Carnival celebration: according to tradition, it starts 12 days before Ash Wednesday – the first day of Lent observed by many Western Christians. The celebration of this holiday also changes annually.


Andrea Merola/EPA

Dies Cinerum – or Ash Wednesday – got its name from the ancient rite of putting ashes on the head as a sign of absolution.


On January 27, inhabitants of the city and its visitors will contemplate an opening ceremony in the area of Cannareggio, where people will enjoy Venetian cuisine.

The next day, participants of the carnival and its viewers will have a possibility to see the boat procession.

On February 3, several shows and competitions will be performed on the main stage of Piazza San Marco.


The closing ceremony is scheduled for February 13, 9 p.m. at Piazza San Marco.

Do not lose the chance to plunge into the atmosphere of real fun and madness!

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